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Intro: During this unforeseen and difficult time owing to COVID-19, many of us miss the opportunity to interact with each other technically. Led and proposed by Prof. Yiguang Ju (Princeton University), we are organizing the weekly combustion webinar to share our research and create an opportunity to learn from each other. The webinar will use Zoom and open to everyone who is interested in. Registration for the webinar is required using real name and working email. If you would like to participate and have not registered for the webinar before, please email your request to “” to be added to the email list for webinar information distribution.

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                                                                                                             Recent Webinar Schedule

Time Presenter Affiliation Topic/Title Webinar link
Feb 6th 2021 William Roberts KAUST Carbon Capture Technology Development in Saudi Arabia (flyer)
Feb 13th 2021 Jackie Chen Sandia National Lab Towards Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion at the Exascale (flyer)
Feb 20th Stephen Klippenstein Argonne National Lab Advances in Theoretical Chemical Kinetics for Combustion (flyer)
Feb 27th Joseph Lefkowitz Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Ignition in High-speed Flows (flyer)
Mar. 6th Brandon Rotavera University of Georgia Influence of Functional Groups on Low-Temperature Combustion Chemistry of Biofuels (flyer)
Mar. 13th Stephen Dooley Trinity College Dublin Automatic Creation of highly reduced Combustion kinetic models (flyer)
Mar. 20th Heinz Pitsch RWTH Aachen University Hydrogen: A Seemingly Simple Fuel (flyer)
Mar. 27th Bénédicte Cuenot Cerfacs Numerical prediction of pollutants and soot emissions in turbulent flames (flyer)
Apr. 3rd (8:30 am EST) Samuel L. Manzello NIST The Importance of Combustion Science to Unravel Complex Large Outdoor Fire Processes (flyer)
Apr. 10th Krishna Venkatesan GE Research Gas Turbine Combustion, Current and Future Trends (flyer)
Apr. 17th Sang Hee Won University of South Carolina The Roles of Chemical Kinetics of Liquid Fuels on Near-Limit Combustion Behaviors (flyer)
Apr. 24th Thibault Guiberti KAUST Ammonia combustion from the fundamentals to applications (flyer)
May 1st (8 am EST) Assaad Masri University of Sydney A Perspective on the Atomization and Combustion of Sprays (flyer)
May 8th (8 am EST) Gus Nathan Adelaide University Opportunities & challenges in the transformation of high temperature process heat to net-zero CO2 emissions (flyer)
May 15th Sotiris Pratsinis ETH Zurich Flame-made gas sensors of high selectivity (flyer)(ppt) Youtube link –
May 22nd Nils Hansen Sandia National Lab Ozone-initiated oxidation at extreme low-temperatures (flyer)
Jun 5th Sujith Raman IIT Complex system approach to investigate and mitigate thermoacoustic instability in turbulent combustors (flyer)
Jun 12th Epaminondas Mastorakos University of Cambridge Flame Stabilisation Revisited (flyer)
summer break
Sept. 11th Nicolas Noiray ETH-Zurich Nonlinear and stochastic thermoacoustic dynamics in combustors during steady and transient operation (flyer)
Sept. 18th Santosh Hemchandra IISc Bangalore Hydrodynamic instabilities in gas turbine combustor flows and their passive control (flyer)
Sept. 25th Phillip Westmoreland NCSU Combustion Fundamentals for Burning and Making Biofuels (flyer) Youtube link:
Bilibili link:
Oct. 2nd canceled
Oct. 9th Jonas Moeck NTNU The qualitative structure of linear thermoacoustic modes in gas turbine combustors (flyer) Youtube link:
Bilibili link:
Oct. 16th Justin Hardi DLR Windows into the inferno: experiments for cryogenic rocket combustion instability (flyer)
Oct. 23rd Johannes Kiefer the University of Bremen Chemometric approaches for evaluating spectra from combustion environments (flyer) youtube link:
Oct. 30th Michael Mueller Princeton University Can Turbulent Combustion Models be Both Computationally Efficient and Generally Applicable? (flyer)
Nov. 6th Josette Bellan Caltech/JPL Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Multi-Species High-Pressure Flows (flyer)
Nov. 13th Tarek Echekki North Carolina State University Data-Based Modeling in Turbulent Combustion: From Traditional Paradigms to Applications in Data Science (flyer)
Nov. 20th Antonio  Marinez Universitat Politècnica de València E-fuels: A pathway to achieve 2030 CO2 horizon (flyer) Youtube link:
Nov. 27th Dan Michaels Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Flame stabilization and combustion modes in scramjets (flyer)
Dec. 4th canceled
Dec. 11th Li Qiao Purdue University Prechamber Turbulent Jet Ignition for IC Engines (flyer)
winter break
Jan. 15th 2022 Huahua Xiao USTC Flame-pressure wave interactions and flame instabilities in vessels (flyer)
Jan. 22nd Weiwei Cai Shang Hai Jiao Tong University Toward five-dimensional imaging for combustion diagnostics (flyer)
Jan. 29th Zhuyin Ren Tsinghua University Transported PDF simulations of turbulent flames with uncertainty quantification (flyer)
Feb 12th Yuyang Li Shanghai Jiao Tong University Fundamental combustion research of low-carbon fuels (LCFs): Understanding, predicting and regulating combustion chemistry (flyer)
Feb 19th Patrick Lynch UIC When is enough enough? Predicting fuel properties from spectral data (flyer)
Feb 26th Kun Luo Zhejiang University Direct moment closure approach for turbulent combustion (flyer)
Mar 5th Jackie O’Connor PSU Methods of Combustion Instability Suppression and Outlook for Combustor Design (flyer)
Mar 12th Hong G. Im KAUST High Fidelity Simulations of Hydrogen and Ammonia Turbulent Premixed Flames: Physical Characteristics and Modeling Implications (flyer)
Mar 19th Gautam Kalghatgi Is it and should it be the end of combustion research as we know it (flyer) Youtube link —
Mar 26th Christian Hasse TU Darmstadt Multi-regime combustion – Towards integrated inference from numerical and real experiments (flyer)
Apr. 2nd Hyungrok Do Seoul National University High-Speed Combustion for Hypersonic Propulsion (flyer) Youtube link —
Apr. 9th Simon Hochgreb Cambridge University Creative Uses for Optical Diagnostics (flyer)
Apr. 16th Jack Edwards NC State U. Multi-resolution Analysis for Assessment of Turbulent Combustion Models for LES (flyer)
Apr. 30th Wolfgang Polifke TU Munich Intrinsic thermoacoustic feedback and its consequences for combustion noise and combustion dynamics (flyer)
May 7th Waruna Kulatilaka TAMU New Advances in Ultrashort Pulse Laser Diagnostics for Combustion Imaging (flyer)
May 14tg Daniel Mira Barcelona Supercomputing Center High-fidelity simulation of multi-physics processes in aeronautical combustors (flyer)
May 28th Jeff Bergthorson McGill University Burning metals for carbon-free power (flyer)