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Intro: During this unforeseen and difficult time owing to COVID-19, many of us miss the opportunity to interact with each other technically. Led and proposed by Prof. Yiguang Ju (Princeton University), we are organizing the weekly combustion webinar to share our research and create an opportunity to learn from each other. The webinar will use Zoom and open to everyone who is interested in. Registration for the webinar is required using real name and working email. If you would like to participate and have not registered for the webinar before, please email your request to “” to be added to the email list for webinar information distribution.

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Example:  Heinz Pitsch, “Hydrogen: A Seemingly Simple Fuel.” the Combustion Webinar, Mar. 20th, 2021,

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Time Presenter Affiliation Topic/Title Webinar link
Dec. 15th 2022 Qingsong Wang USTC Thermal Runaway Mechanism of Lithium Ion Battery and Its Fire Prevention Technology (flyer)