Webinar Abstract

Combustion science beyond crisis

Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus
Department of Chemistry, Bielefeld University, Germany

The webinar intends to open discussion around several brief statements that will be introduced in the beginning. Some questions and suggestions to each block will then be taken from the participants. The statements are given below.

  1. Transforming the transportation sector may need further thought. Are new research opportunities emerging from the crisis regarding future transportation options?
  2. Our disciplines can offer resources and tools for multiple needs. How can our field contribute to fighting the pandemic (incl. next waves)?
  3. The world of engineering and natural sciences is not digital-only. Which priority experiments could seminally improve combustion-related knowledge?
  4. Academic teaching concepts will be changing. Which new (digital) concepts can improve teaching in natural sciences and engineering?
  5. Climate and pollution crises have not gone away. Which strategies for sustainable processes merit enhanced attention of our community?
  6. There is no substitute for international scientific collaboration. What can we do to illustrate the importance of science better to the public?

Should you wish to send in questions or discussion remarks ahead of the webinar, please address them to the hosts (Prof. Yiguang Ju, Princeton & Prof. Wenting Sun, Georgia Tech) who might bring them up during the discussion if time permits. Please be brief!

Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus is a senior professor of Physical Chemistry at Bielefeld University, Germany with a research focus on combustion chemistry and diagnostics. She has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, professorships and lectureships for her scientific contributions, including the Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal of the Combustion Institute. She has held many functions in professional societies and academic organizations; for example, as member of the International Advisory Board of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, as editor-in-chief of Combustion and Flame, and as the president of the Combustion Institute. Professor Kohse-Höinghaus is a member of five academies, including both, the National Academies of Sciences and of Engineering of her country as well as the European Academy of Sciences. She is also a dedicated teacher and mentor to early-career researchers.