Wenting Sun
Associate Professor
School of Aerospace Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering (courtesy appointment)

Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2013, Princeton University
M.E., Engineering Physics, 2007, Tsinghua University
B.E., Engineering Physics, 2005, Tsinghua University
Ph.D students
Yuzhe Peng, Since 2019
Research interest: laser absorption spectroscopy, shock tube, supercritical CO2 oxy-combustion
Jinhoon Choe, Since 2016
Research interest:
plasma assisted combustion, combustion instability control
Bin Wu, Since 2016
Research interest:
ozonolysis reactions, combustion kinetics
Image result for buzz gatech Anant Girdhar, Since 2017
Research interest:
multi timescale modeling


Master students

Martin Morrow, Since 2017
Research interest:
shock tube, laser spectroscopy

Zefang Liu, Since 2016
Research interest:



  • Bin Wu, (Ph.D. 2021), postdoc at KAUST
  • Miad Karimi, (Ph.D. 2019) NRC postdoc fellow, AFRL
  • Suo Yang (Ph.D. 2017) Assistant professor, University of Minnesota, Twin City
  • Xiang Gao (Ph.D. 2017) data scientist at Microsoft
  • Robert Schreck (MS 2022)
  • David Ritter (MS 2020) Pratt&Whitney
  • Kenneth Ng (MS 2016) Automated Tooling System
  • Stewart Carpenter (MS 2016) Orbital ATK
  • Michael Barnett (MS 2017) Branch Chief at the National Space Defense Center